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I will take 29 years of world class, award winning design experience and allow you to create the same type of images in minutes

Hey there fellow digital designer, I’m Jackson Carvalho, the maestro of photography, image wizardry, and graphic design, racking up a whopping 160+ international awards.

For nearly three decades, I’ve been the brains behind Creative-Directing, Digital Retouching, Matte Painting, and snapping world-class photos.

Now, let me share a little secret: the graphic design world ain't all sunshine and rainbows as you know.You've got deadlines breathing down your neck, and the agony of cutting and extracting images while praying they don't turn into pixelated nightmares

Ones that you can’t use in different formats and don't get me started on the never-ending search for the perfect PNG online

"it's like finding a needle in a haystack"

And when you get it, there is still a risk of the things I already mentioned previously…But guess what? I've been there, done that, and I've cracked the code. 

Introducing the SPLASH PRO!!!

The brainchild of my many years of experience in this field, doing this work at a high level .Picture this a tool that turns ordinary into extraordinary

Whether it's a fizzy drink or a plain biscuit, you can turn it into a visual masterpiece oozing with flavor in minutes!

And the best part ? You get to choose from over 700 mind-blowing splashes, carefully crafted to make your creations POP

These brushes are categorized into different types of liquids

So they are organized for you already and you can let your creativity explore the possibilities by mixing them together to create those world class images:

You Will No longer Suffer These Things...

Now why is the Splash PRO your golden ticket?

Because tons of designers from all over the world have already tried it and have given me feedback saying it is a game changer for them!

Here is what they have said in their own words

“Integrating Splashes Pro brushes into my workflow has turned each project into a canvas for masterpieces. The range and finesse of the splash effects genuinely elevate my designs. It's never been simpler to inject so much vibrancy and life into my work. Splashes Pro is a game-changer in the design realm, no doubt!”

William Jefreys,
Los Angeles - CA (USA)

"In still photography, every detail matters. Splashes Pro has enabled me to lift my compositions to an unprecedented level. The ability to incorporate and tailor liquid effects in my shots has entirely revolutionized my approach. I can now produce dynamic, motion-filled pictures that seize viewers' imaginations. It's an essential tool in my kit!"

David Albuquerque
Still Photographer
São Paulo (Brazil)

"The world of advertising thrives on compelling visuals. Splashes Pro has not only uplifted the standard of my ads but has reshaped the entire creative journey. Being able to produce genuine and bespoke liquid effects has added a novel layer to my promotional content, amplifying engagement and grabbing audience attention. Truly, it's the epitome of innovation in ad crafting!"

Nicolas Mendes
London - ON (Canada)

"My experience using Splashes Pro has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure. In the realm of web design, standing out is the key, and with Splashes Pro, it felt like I had found the golden key to a chest of endless creative possibilities. The ease of use and the stunning results have not only streamlined my workflow but have also infused a fresh wave of creativity into my projects. Every client meeting now holds a promise of wonder, as they are blown away by the captivating visuals that I can whip up almost effortlessly. Recommending Splashes Pro comes as naturally to me as breathing now, for it's not just a tool, it's the spark that ignites the imagination!""

Martin Damon
Web Designer
York (UK)

Jackson Carvalho HIMSELF demonstrating the SPLASHES PRO!!

See the magic for yourself

Use your imagination: Mix match and create something nobody else has! Let your imagination run wild and be the creative maverick you are.

Your pals will be shocked asking about how you created these designs

Instead of headache you will get...

It will be much quicker and easier for you to create visually stunning world-class designs with Splash Pro. Saving time means you can have time to do other things like make more money, relax, explore your creativity.

It will be much quicker and easier for you to create visually stunning world-class designs with Splash Pro. Saving time means you can have time to do other things like make more money, relax, explore your creativity.

Many people often think Splash Pro limits their creativity; instead, many have found it gives them the opportunity to be even more creative with over

By providing you with 16-bit raw formats in high resolutions, you can create designs with consistent high quality across multiple different formats which can be a headache to work out. With Splash Pro, you can have the same consistent high quality whether it is a billboard, website, or a print ad!

In the sea of mediocrity, you will stand out by appealing to the senses as images that appeal to the senses can actually increase the memory of a product and have a longer-lasting impact on their mind and memory!

They can use to work with and create plenty more combinations with. Let your creativity run wild.

So, Ready To Ditch and Turn Your Design Visions Into Reality?

Everything You Will Get?
Here is a summary

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See the Magic for Yourself

Words can only say so much. Browse our gallery and witness the stunning transformations Splashes Pro delivers. Different liquids, countless styles, unlimited potential.

Questions? Dive into Our FAQ!

All your questions, answered. Dive deeper into the Splashes Pro universe and emerge fully equipped for your design journey. The power of knowledge is just a splash away.

An Adobe Photoshop brush is a preset that controls the stroke and shape of lines when using the brush tool. The brush tool is Photoshop’s “painting” tool and is designed to replicate the feel of ink on canvas.

Right after you have purchased the Splashes PRO brushes, you will receive an email with access informations, and inside the platform you will get access to a download link. No worry if you lose a download link, just send us an email with your order details and we will send you a new link.
Detailed tutorials video will give support to you how installing the Splashes PRO bundle.
In most cases, you can simply double click on the .abr brush file to automatically install the brush into PhotoShop.

These brushes are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and newer.

Yes, however there will be a vetting process to ensure that we are not being robbed.

Here is our return policy 

Splashes PRO – Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy:

1.Refund Eligibility: The money-back guarantee is valid for a period of 7 days from the date of purchase. Refund requests beyond this period will not be considered.

2.Product Condition: To qualify for a refund, customers must report any issues with the downloaded product within 7 days of purchase. Faulty products will be replaced with a new download link.

3. Administrative Fee: A small administrative fee will be deducted from the refund amount to cover processing costs. This fee will be communicated at the time of the refund request.

4.Contact Support: Prior to initiating a refund request, customers are required to contact our support team for assistance. Support will make every effort to resolve issues and provide necessary guidance.

5.Details Verification: Refund requests must be made using the same email and details used during the purchase. We reserve the right to verify customer information to prevent abuse of the money-back guarantee.

6.Protection from Abuse: This money-back guarantee is designed to protect genuine customers. Abuse of the policy, including multiple refund requests, may result in the denial of future refund requests.

7.No Shipping, Immediate Download: Since Splashes PRO is a digital download product, there is no shipping involved. Customers are expected to download the product immediately upon purchase.

8.Refund Process: Refunds will be processed through the original payment method after deducting the administrative fee. Any additional fees incurred during the refund process will be borne by the customer.

9.Policy Changes: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the money-back guarantee policy at any time without prior notice. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.

By making a purchase, the customer acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions

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